I brought my 100 year old Sarouk rug into Solano Rug Galley for a very overdue cleaning and restoration. Three weeks later, I came home with a richly glowing gem! The colors were glorious, the texture, soft and smooth, the problems areas gone. Iraj is a gifted craftsman who clearly knows his business and brings a true passion toward restoring these lovely treasures back to their original splendor. Trust Solano Rug Gallery to care for your new rugs or your family heirlooms!
-Trudi Boskin, Albany, CA

Oriental rugs need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their beauty and charm. Proper cleaning enables them to last a lifetime. Our family has been in the rug business for generations, and we take pride in the professional care we give each and every rug during our hand-cleaning, repair, and restoration process.


Rug before repair

Rug after repair

We take great care in cleaning and restoring each rug that is given to us, to ensure that you will be fully satisfied with our work. We begin by running each rug through a natural diluted white vinegar bath, in order to stabilize any dyes that may run when they come in contact with water.

We then shampoo your rug using oil-based natural soaps to restore shine and luster to your rug. Over time, wool tends to dry out and needs to be moisturized, much like your skin. When wool dries out and loses its lanolin and other essential oils, it becomes brittle; that leads to much faster wear and tear of your rug. It is similar to hair that dries out, which then breaks and develops split ends.

Our cleaning process removes dirt from your rug, and it also restores the oils and lanolin back to the wool. This leaves it looking brighter, feeling softer, and lasting longer, like using shampoo and conditioner in your hair to help it look healthy.

We use no chemicals in the cleaning of your delicate and beautiful rugs. We use only natural, chemical-free soaps. It is all done by hand, no machines.

If you have any questions, email us at help@zeezbee.com, or telephone us at 510.528.RUGS (510.528.7847) or 800.4000.RUG (800.400.0784).”


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